[28] 白石初◯2(10枚入)
[28] 白石初◯2(10枚入) [28] 白石初◯2(10枚入) [28] 白石初◯2(10枚入)
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[28] 白石初◯2(10枚入)

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しろいし はつまるに
Shiroishi hatsu-maru-ni





Crunchy texture characteristic of "Akime"
Attractive with a mellow aftertaste

Shiraishi, a famous seaweed production area, spreads along the Shiota River in Saga Prefecture.The nori harvested at the beginning of November is also called "Akime" and is characterized by its crunchy texture. Among them, "Shiroishi hatsu-maru-ni" has the most distinctive texture.  Enjoy the crunchy texture, the melt-in-your-mouth texture, and the warm umami that lingers in the aftertaste.

[Recommended ways to eat]
*Rice with soy sauce and eggs / Cooked rice: The crunchy texture and rich aftertaste perfectly matches.
*Parmigiano Reggiano : Roll a small amount in nori seaweed for an umami-rich snack.