[26] 鹿島第三初◯2(10枚入)
[26] 鹿島第三初◯2(10枚入) [26] 鹿島第三初◯2(10枚入) [26] 鹿島第三初◯2(10枚入) [26] 鹿島第三初◯2(10枚入)
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[26] 鹿島第三初◯2(10枚入)

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かしまだいさん はつまるに
Kashima-Daisan hatsu-maru-ni 




“Kashima Dai-san hatsu-maru-ni” is harvested at a fishing ground in Kashima City in western Saga Prefecture, a place rich in nature. It is characterized by its crispiness and crunchy texture. After such a light texture, what remains is a deep, sweet umami. The rich aftertaste, similar to dried shiitake mushrooms, lingers softly on the palate. You can feel the strength of nature’s nurture, something that has never been seen before in our lineup.

【Recommended eating style】
*Tsukudani Roll
The gentle sweetness of the nori makes the strong flavor of the tsukudani milder and adds umami.
*Salted fermented butter and feta cheese
Put a piece of feta cheese on a piece of nori and enjoy as a snack. The low-sodium type of feta cheese is recommended.