[36] Taimei Kon-ni
[36] Taimei Kon-ni [36] Taimei Kon-ni [36] Taimei Kon-ni [36] Taimei Kon-ni
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[36] Taimei Kon-ni

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Aomaze Nori (blue mixed laver) is harvested in the "Taimyo Fishing Ground" that stretches at the mouth of the Kikuchi River in northern Kumamoto Prefecture, and offers an exquisite balance of sweet and savory flavors. Its source is the Kikuchi Valley, famous for its clear water, which is one of the 100 best waters in Japan. The green, bitter flavor that attracts the sense of smell and taste is unique to the "mixed" grade of laver, which is mixed with aonori. It is not only simple in taste, but also blends well with other unique ingredients, while the gentle umami of the laver spreads through the aftertaste.

Recommended way to eat it

Mochi rice cakes and rice crackers: The aroma of aonori is enhanced when combined with simple rice-based flavors.

Blue cheese: A refreshing match for peculiar cheeses such as Gorgonzola.

Salads: Sprinkled on top of salads when you want a little accent, you can enjoy the aroma of the green sea.