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Umami Flake of of First-Picked Nori 《Kyushu Umami Blend》

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First-Picked nori, is a high quality laver that opens up a rich view of the Ariake Sea the moment you put it in your mouth. Its greatest characteristics are "umami" and "flavor.Umami Flake of of First-Picked Nori was created with food designer Yoko Hasuike to bring the taste of real laver closer to consumers.

Using the taste and sensibility of a sophisticated professional, she blended ingredients from Kyushu, the same region as Hatsumi-nori seaweed. The ease of simply fluffing it on top of dishes makes it a good choice for those who do not eat much nori. It contains crystalline coarse salt, but the saltiness is moderate to enhance the "umami" and "flavor. This topping has a natural taste that combines the flavor of first harvested nori seaweed and fatty hana-katsuo (dried bonito) with the texture and umami of dried enoki mushrooms.

Honkare Hana Katsuo (dried bonito) from Kagoshima Prefecture
Dried enoki mushrooms produced in Miyazaki Prefecture
Coarse salt produced in Nagasaki
Hatsumigumi Nori (laver) from Ariake Sea

All natural ingredients from Kyushu are used in this additive-free product.

Contents : 12g

-Cooking example
Cooked white rice, potato salad, pasta, cold tofu, egg rolls, etc.