About Numatanori

In the past, when the sea of Kawasaki was a rich fishing ground, high-quality seaweed was actively cultivated under the name of "Daishi Nori. It was in 1937 that Haruo Numata, an independent seaweed wholesaler, opened his own store selling seaweed and dried bonito flakes.

Later, after the Kawasaki fishing ground closed its 100-year history with the changing environment, we began to deliver high quality seaweeds from the Ariake Sea in Kyushu in search of the same authentic taste.

Numatanori has been carefully selecting the rare seaweed that is harvested only a little each year and distributing it only to local customers, but we decided to start selling it on the Internet to let more people know the real taste and deep flavor of seaweed.

 We want to introduce you to the “umami of the sea”, a seaweed that you have never tasted before. We will continue to convey the appeal of Japan's traditional food with the same dedication and passion we have had since our predecessors founded the company.