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Numatanori procures First-picked seaweeds, which is first seaweed harvested in the year. This only consists of 1% of seaweed harvested in that year. From among this rare seaweed, which is rich in nutrients from the sea, Numatanori delivers high-quality, delicious seaweed that is crispy, abut also melts in your mouth.

Some nori with "◯" in the product name have small holes in them. This is a sign that the seaweed is soft. It is sometimes said that laver without holes is of higher quality, but sea”weed’s beauty” and "taste” are two different things. We carefully selected seaweed with a good balance with ”deliciousness" at its focus. Numatanori is committed to conveying the true taste of this rare first harvest seaweed.

Kashima Daisan ajisui-jo-ni

$22.00 (Excl. Tax)

Goto Somen

$3.00 (Excl. Tax)

Tasting Set

$8.00 (Excl. Tax)

[41] Kubotamachi hatsu-maru-ni

$16.00 (Excl. Tax)

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Kashima-Daini Sui-ni

$16.00 (Excl. Tax)

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