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First-Picked Onigiri Nori (5 Types)

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First-Picked Onigiri Nori" is a convenient cut nori perfect for onigiri (rice balls), made by dividing a full-size sheet of nori into three equal parts.

We recommend that you roll it just before eating so that you can enjoy the unique crispiness of First-Picked Nori.

- Product Details - Onigiri

Onigiri 3 slices, 12 sheets/pack

Available Seaweeds
- Ahikari hatsu-maru-ni
- Shiroishi hatsu-maru-ni
- Sagashi-Daiichi ichi-ju-ichi
- Kashima-Daiichi ichi-maru-ichi
- Kubotamachi hatsu-maru-jo-ichi