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First-picked Nori Tasting Set (3 Types)

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This assortment contains 3 types of seaweeds. Sagashi-Daiichi ichi-ju-ichi, Kubotamachi hatsu-maru-jo-ichi, and Higashiyokamachi ajisui-jo-ichi. 

We want to convey the different tastes of seaweed depending on the fishing grounds. This luxurious assortment is made with Numatanori's passion. We hope you will enjoy comparing the rare first harvest of nori.

Assortment Content
- 3 types of seaweed sheet. (Total of 25 sheets)
- Box size 22.0 x 28.0 x 3.5 cm

Sagashi-Daiichi ichi-ju-ichi
The first seaweed to appear at Numata Nori is from Sagashi-Daiichi Fishing Ground, located along the Rokkaku River. This fishing ground is popular in Saga for its well-balanced seaweed. The “ju (=thick)” grade has a crispy, chewy thickness that makes it ideal for use in rice rolls. Each bite brings out the distinctive sweetness of the sea.

Kubotamachi hatsu-maru-jo-ichi
The seaweed from the Kubota-cho fishing grounds, which was particularly popular in Numatanori’s past lineup, has been reintroduced. The moment you put it in your mouth, the moderate saltiness and rich umami flavor spreads vividly. Enjoy the tenderness of the laver, harvested within three days of the first harvest, and the delicious taste that is worthy of the "top" grade of laver, which is only awarded to a limited number of laver.

Higashiyokamachi ajisui-jo-ichi
This is one of the few extremely valuable first-harvest nori that became the hottest brand of the year. The "aji-sui" grade, which is awarded only to laver that has passed a strict examination for its beautiful color and taste, confirms the deliciousness of the laver. Even just one bite of this laver is an impressive experience, as the more you chew, the more the concentrated umami gently melts and oozes out.