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Only available during spring and summer due to traditional manufacturing method of Somen.

Goto Somen is made in Goto, Nagasaki Prefecture, which is famous for its magnificent and beautiful nature. The Goto Somen is made using the same method as the famous Goto Udon noodles, which are coated with camellia oil, and has the same firmness, smoothness, and chewy texture.

This Goto Somen, produced by Toraya in Shin-Kamigoshima Town, Nagasaki Prefecture, is made with sea salt produced in-house and organic camellia oil, which is also an ingredient in Umami Flake's "Kyushu Umami Blend". It is safe for people of all ages.

Recommended serving directions

First serving : Sprinkle only "Kyushu Umami Blend" of Umami Flake. The umami of Hanaatsuo, dried enoki mushrooms and Hatsumigumi nori (laver) will spread in your mouth, and the saltiness of sea salt can also be felt.

Second serving : With sweetened mentsuyu (Japanese noodle soup). The crunchy texture of the noodle and the sticky texture of the noodle are perfectly matched when sprinkled with chopped nori.

The noodles are firm, so they can be served cold or hot.

Contents 200g