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Umami Flakes and Goto Somen Assortment

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Only available during spring and summer due to traditional manufacturing method of Somen.

This assortment allows you to enjoy "Somen", an essential summer food in Japan, with the rich flavor of Hatsumigumi Nori (laver).

Goto Somen produced in Nagasaki Prefecture is characterized by its firmness, smooth texture, and firmness. Combined with "Umami Flake" made with ingredients from Kyushu and "Hatsumikizami Kizami Nori" from the Ariake Sea, you can enjoy the rich natural taste of Kyushu in a luxurious way.

Recommended serving suggestions

First serving : Sprinkle only "Kyushu Umami Blend" of Umami Flakes. The umami of the Hanaatsuo (flower buds), dried enoki mushrooms, and the first harvest of nori seaweed will spread in your mouth, and the saltiness of the sea salt can also be felt.

Second serving : With sweetened mentsuyu (Japanese noodle soup). The crunchy texture of the noodle and the sticky texture of the noodle are perfectly matched when sprinkled with chopped nori.

The noodles are firm and firm, so they can be served cold or warm.

Goto Somen" will be discontinued as soon as the stock runs out due to the limited production period.

-Assortment Contents
Goto Somen 2 bags
2 bags of umami flakes
(1 bag each of Kyushu Umami Blend and Baraboshi Jako)
1 bag of Hatsumazumi Kizami Nori (chopped dried laver)