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Nori Can (2 Types)

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Numatanori's Nori can contains 50 sheets of 8 cut nori in original can. The type of seaweed and fishing ground are different by color of the can.

2 Types
- Blue Can: Ahikari Hatsu-maru-ni
- White Can: Ryokai Maru-toku-ichi

Details of each seaweed

Ashikari Hatsu-maru-ni
"Ashikari hatsu-maru-ni" has a sweet and soft flavor, which is typical of the seaweed harvested in the Ashikari fishing grounds. It is the best in this year's lineup, with its top-quality texture that spreads softly in your mouth. When you savor the seaweed as it is, it leaves a gentle and round aftertaste.It is not only delicious as nori, but it can also play a supporting role in enhancing the characteristics of the food you eat with it.

Ryokai Maru-toku-ichi
The "Ryokai maru-toku-ichil" is harvested from the Chikugo River in Yanagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture. As soon as you open the package, the blue scent reminiscent of the sea rises up. When you put it in your mouth, the refreshing flavor goes straight to your nose, and you feel a soft mouthfeel. The aftertaste is mellow with a hint of sweetness, and the seaweed has a strong and rich umami taste. You will enjoy the balance of aroma and umami.