[40]  Taimei Kon-ichi 1 (5-pack)
[40]  Taimei Kon-ichi 1 (5-pack) [40]  Taimei Kon-ichi 1 (5-pack) [40]  Taimei Kon-ichi 1 (5-pack) [40]  Taimei Kon-ichi 1 (5-pack)
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[40] Taimei Kon-ichi 1 (5-pack)

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Taimei Kon-ichi
Taimei kon-ichi

The flavor of green laver spreads instantly
intoxicated by the bitter aftertaste of the first grade

Taimei konichi is a laver harvested in the Taimei fishing grounds at the mouth of the Kikuchi River in Kumamoto Prefecture. This year, only a very small amount of the first harvested laver in Kumamoto was auctioned off, and it was a precious grade 1 [mixed].
The crisp and powerful crunch, the fresh aroma of blue-green laver that spreads in your mouth, and the bitter aftertaste that stimulates your tongue along with the umami taste make this laver addictive.
We hope you will experience the deliciousness of ao-mixed laver, which is different every year, from this one piece of laver.

[Recommended way to eat it
Isobe-roll】Isobe-roll with rice cakes, flat clams, scallops, and other shellfish is also a great choice.
Gorgonzola Blue Cheese】The bitter flavor of nori goes well with aromatic blue mold cheeses.

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