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Umami Flake of First-Picked Nori 《Baraboshi Jako》

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We want to make the rich, high-quality taste of First-Picked Norimore easily accessible to everyone. The "Umami Flake" series was conceived in collaboration with a variety of culinary professionals with this in mind. This is a new topping of "umami" and "flavor" blended with ingredients from Kyushu to match the First-Picked Nori harvested from the Ariake Sea.

Baraboshi Jako, which is perfect for soup, is truly an "aromatic flake. It was created with Ms. Yuka Yamaguchi, a self-cooking chef who promotes self-cooking with easy recipes centering on one soup and one dish. Bara-boshi is a more natural type of dried laver, which is simply dried laver that has been harvested. This flake, made from the precious first harvest of nori, is characterized by its deep flavor and rich aroma of the sea.

The four ingredients in the blend are Chirimenjako (dried baby sardines) from Nagasaki Prefecture, Dried enoki mushrooms from Kobayashi, Miyazaki Prefecture, and White sesame seeds from Kikaijima Island, Kagoshima Prefecture. Just a sprinkle of this umami flake in soup will stimulate your appetite with the flavor of dried laver. Chirimenjako (dried young sardines) also adds a taste of dried sardines to the soup, which makes it even more delicious. Recommended for onigiri (rice ball) and ochazuke (rice with green tea).

Contents : 12g